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Contract with the DoD, GSA or NASA? Make sure you review the new “Fair Pay” rule!

In late August, the Defense Department, General Services Administration, and NASA published a new rule and guidance implementing Executive Order 13673, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces. The rule goes into effect on October 26, 2016. One positive outcome of the comment period, the required disclosure reporting will be limited to one year and  will be phased in over a three-year… Continue reading Contract with the DoD, GSA or NASA? Make sure you review the new “Fair Pay” rule!


Contract Tips: Avoiding Personal Liability

Whether you are starting up or already running, it is important to understand how to avoid inadvertently creating personal liability when contracting for your business.** Although there are some situations where personal liability is unavoidable–such as obtaining financing–there are some tips for avoiding personal liability in other situations: **Keep in mind that this is general… Continue reading Contract Tips: Avoiding Personal Liability


Contract Tips: Beware the Frankenform!

Although a popular practice, business owners should take care when using “Frankenforms”–documents either cobbled together from multiple sources or heavily altered commercial forms. Although cobbling together clauses from multiple forms or starting with a commercial form and tailoring it to your needs save time, it also increases the risk of unintended liabilities or consequences. Whether… Continue reading Contract Tips: Beware the Frankenform!