About Me

I am passionate about serving entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve their dreams. I support both for- and non-profit start-ups and small businesses in starting, growing, protecting, and preserving their business interests. I also provide counsel on eCommerce and eBusiness matters and provide civil appellate legal services to both my own clients and fellow attorneys.

Before starting my law practice, I enjoyed a 15-year career as a technology-based direct marketing services industry executive.  My teams supported companies of all sizes—from sole proprietorships to members of the Fortune 500—across a variety of industries. My experience provides a solid knowledge base and client-focused perspective that is critical to understanding and supporting my clients in assessing, responding to, and planning for the ever changing regulatory, economic, and technological environments they operate in.

In addition to representing my clients, I lead business law seminars at the Fort Worth Community College Small Business Development Center and am a speaker in the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Bilingual Business Development Series.  I have published articles and blogs about cyber, data, eCommerce and eBusiness, and business and entrepreneurial, marketing, and advertising issues.  I am also a guest blogger on Thomson-Reuters Westlaw Insider: Small Law Firms Blog, where I provide tips to help other lawyers more efficiently and effectively start, grow, and run their firms.

I can be reached at connie@challlaw.com.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is awesome Connie, wonderful job. Very informative. That is wounderful that you have started 2 businesses I am so impressed.

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