MyTXGC: New 2012 Blog Post Series

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year – I’m excited for all the opportunities that await!

To help get things started off . . . I plan on introducing two blog-post series in early 2012:

  • M&M Monday: Beginning in early January 2012, my Monday morning posts will cover a topic related to start up or small biz Marketing and Management.
  • TexLawThursday: Also beginning in early January, each Thursday my post will cover a Texas Law topic.  The posts won’t be detailed scholarly tomes, rather they’ll be quick-read hyper-focused microviews into a very narrow item.  The goal is to allow you to quickly gain a high-level understanding of the law, rule, or regulation so that when you run across related issues, material, or matters in your day-to-day life you recognize that there might be a legal implication to consider or seek guidance on before deciding upon your course of action.

I also have some surprises for 2012 & am working on a monthly series, which I’ll provide more details on once I get all of the pieces in place.

Make sure that you sign up to follow me on twitter @MyTXGC or follow me via email (see links to the right) so that you don’t miss out on any posts (especially important if you’ve been following me via “shares” into groups on LinkedIn as I don’t always share every post into all my groups)!

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