Location, Location, Location!

If you are thinking of relocating or opening a new branch or new business in Texas, or just want to see at a high-level how your market area has changed.  The State offers some tools that serve as a good starting point for your research.

(Not in Texas?  Check out your State’s website, it likely has similar data available.)

The Texas Edge Data Center provides several helpful reports:

  • County Overview Report
  • County Fact Sheet
  • County Population Change
  • Geographical Information Population Comparison Chart; and
  • Sales Tax: Tax Allocation Payment History Report.

(NOTE: You can obtain the County Overview Report, County Fact Sheet, and County Population Change reports in graphical form (data are mapped onto the state/county) at the Texas Edge County Interactive Map Tool.)

Want to see how Texas businesses are clustered by NAICS-code, check out the Texas Industry page’s GIS System.

You can also easily find information on Enterprise Zones, Municipal Development Districts, Municipal Management Districts, County Assistance Districts, Public Improvement Districts, NAFTA Impact Zones, and Neighborhood Empowerment Zones.

Information on crime statistics and, always important in Texas, oil & gas production is also available.

While there is much more information available from the State, these links should be enough to get you started.

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