NLRB Identifies Case Highlights . . .

The NLRB recently released its case production statistics for 2011.  The 368 decisions issued in contested cases represented a 17% increase over the previous year and consisted of 272 unfair labor practice cases and 96 representation cases.

All NLRB decisions are available online.  Following are two of the group of cases that the Board identified as “highlights” of the fiscal year that I think are of particular interest to Texas employers (follow the link, select “documents” & you will find a link to the opinion pdf):

  – A pair of decisions (in Kentucky River and J. Picini) adding daily compound interest to backpay and other monetary awards to remedy unfair labor practices, and requiring employers to post remedial notices electronically if they customarily communicate with employees that way.

  – A finding (in Mezonos Bakery), based on an earlier Supreme Court decision,  that undocumented immigrant workers are not entitled to backpay following unlawful dismissal even in cases where an employer knew of their status before hiring them.


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