The importance of getting information from reliable sources

While trolling the internet tonight for nothing in particular, I ran across a blog post that was posted last week on a site that claimed to be specifically geared to Texas employment law.  The post had been picked up by a national legal research service.  Great . . . not quite – the post contained clearly incorrect information about a recently enacted Texas law.

For example, despite the fact that the law was signed by Governor Perry during the last session, the author claimed that only the Senate bill had passed and that the law would likely soon pass the House.  Not only was the information incorrect, his post revealed a fundamental lack of understanding of the Texas legislative calender.

I checked the author’s name via the Find a Lawyer function on the Texas Bar Website to no avail.  The author may be an attorney perhaps licensed in another jurisdiction.  Regardless, he is a shoddy researcher and not someone that you’d want to take advice from or to have represent you . . . but you’d never know it from the post if you weren’t already familiar with the law.  This particular blog didn’t allow user feedback and commentary, and this particular blogger is prolific, it appears that he’s kicking out a post a day . . . no one wins in quantity over quality, especially when dealing with legal matters.

When it comes to information consumption, as with all else, buyer beware!

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